Mitia Morovov-Sheiner
Mitia is a conceptual artist currently based in Tbilisi, Georgia-Sakartvelo. Coming from a mixed russian-tatar-mordovian backround and living under a jewish surname he got from his wife, he explores the world as a constantly mixing and interconnected system through the lens of cosmopolitism.

Currently he works at the intersection of lingustics, art and inclusive practises across various media primarily focusing on painting, (found-) objects, photography and video.
Shows and exhibitions
Photo by Tatiana Pelevina
A — Apple
Personal exhibition, 2021
Terminal A,
Nizhny Novgorod
Photo by Ilya Bolshakov
I am very glad, as I'm finally returning back home
Series of performances, 2019
Nizhny Novgorod
Photo by Alexander Sorokin
Group exhibition, 2018
FUTURO gallery,
Nizhny Novgorod
Photo by Tatiana Pelevina
Works and projects
Photo by Tatiana Pelevina
World writing (A — Apple)
Series of paintings, 2021–…
This project came to life as a reaction to the global disunity of people and mutual hatred. Through an attempt to combine signs from the scripts of different peoples into a common writing system the artist tries to convey the idea of combining entities of different origins into a complex heterogeneous whole.

All of the works are accompanied by a commentary in RSL and an audiodescription made by the artist himself.
I am very glad, as I'm finally returning back home
Object, 2019
This work is part of a group that I refer to as 'jokes'. It is dedicated to the deliberate clash of cultural fields and the rethinking of symbols and images within the framework of contemporary discourse. In this case, the Soviet symbolism, the practice of 'Collective Actions' and the memes-slogans of our time collide, giving rise to a variety of chains of associations, depending on the viewer's background.
Object, 2019
«There is more Russian, than in all of Pushkin's poetry».
This work is half a riddle, the solution to which is actually hiding in the open. It is a reflection on the topic of authoritarianism and absurdity of its slogans. This work is also a part of a group that I refer to as 'jokes'.
Objects, 2018
The work contains modern superstitions and omens that are specific to Russian society. These are lucky tickets to be eaten to get the effect — here they are packaged in medicinal capsules. These are charged water and homeopathic balls, covered with a diluted solutiion of artist's tears. This work is part of a group that I refer to as 'jokes'.
mitia morovov-sheiner
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