Flag of the Free Russia
On the 28t of February @Assezjeune in Twitter and Kai Katonina in Facebook simultaneously published a suggestion to use white-blue-white flag as a symbol of protest and a wonderful Russia of the future.

This idea was important to consolidate people of Russian citizenship opposing the war around the world, who felt betrayed by the government.
How it started
I wanted to help make this idea and movement become popular, so I created the website, several illustrations and social network pages for the flag.

The first version of the website was created in a day on Tilda website constructor in Russian and English. After that I created pages for the flag in social networks and started posting content regarding the white-blue-white flag there.
First version
For security reasons we transferred the web-page to Squarespace. At the same time activists from Toronto and Cyprus suggested help with a translation of the page into Ukrainian, Spanish, French and other languages; as well as help with creating content for social networks.

That is the version you can visit now.
Second version
The flag inspired activists and the manifestations were held almost in every country of the world since its first appearance. With our coordinated efforts the flag was gradually adopted as a universal symbol among Russian anti-war organizations and movements. Articles and videos were published in various media around the globe, including The Guardian, ABC News, Deutsche Welle, Meduza etc.
The website was translated into 27 languages by volunteers.
27 languages
More than 150K visits on the website since March.
150K+ visits
More than 15K people support the flag in the social networks.
15K subs
There is a page about the flag in 35 wikipedias in different languages.
35 wikipages
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