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I've been doing presentations more or less professionally since 2010's master-class by Alexey Kapterev, the author of 'Presentation Secrets' bestseller. I helped my clients create pitch decks, reports, offers and other types of presentation. I also teach and give lectures regularly making my own presentations for it as well.

I also create infographics, websites, print production and other media to fulfil the needs and goals of their clients. See general portfolio here.
The presentation's goal was to convince freelancers, small and medium sized businesses' owners to switch to a 'smart office' when coworking spaces were not very popular.
Smart office, 2018
This is a presentation for my lecture on contemporary art and ways to understand it.
How to understand contemporary art, 2021
The goal was to showcase the work of a creative producer with a diverse background.
Presentation Portfolio, 2021
The presentation for TEDxYouth KulibinPark conference.
The goal of the client had been to win financial support for a project in arts and museum sphere. As a result, the support was given and the project became realized.
Museum Embankment Project, 2019
The goal of the presentation was to show the potential clients the opportunities that audio advertising can give and to make an offer.
Audio Advertising Agency, 2020
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